Legsad fruit farm

What we do

Production of premium soft fruit

Finest quality is our trademark

Legsad is the leading producer of soft fruit and the largest producer of raspberry in Poland. We specialize in premium varieties and grow fruit according to the top standards in the industry.


Fruit grown in harmony with nature

In the production of soft fruit, high quality seedlings and plug plants are extremely important. By providing plants with all they need at any given point during the season, we ensure that our fruit is healthy and remains fresh for a long time. We also use what nature offers us – our plantations have a microclimate that enhances growth and ripening.


Our pride - excellent soft fruit

In Legsad, quality is one of the top objectives. Thanks to appropriate cultivation methods, we are able to achieve superb quality of the fruit. Both raspberries and cherries produced in Legsad are excellent in terms of the look, size, taste and shelf life. The quality of our products is further enhanced by such activities as increasing biological (chemical-free) protection of plants or using recyclable packaging.


The only right way

Our philosophy is based on sustainability and takes into account customers, impact on the local community, business objectives and many other factors. Continual improvement of plant cultivation and fruit production is key. We gather experience and learn every day. We appreciate the world around us – nature, our employees and the local community.

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