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Legsad raspberries

sweet taste, velvet touch

Two stages of getting ripe of dessert fruit in Legsad

Our silk peel raspberries are incomparable in taste and aroma and have a long shelf life. The pink-red colour of our raspberries makes them irresistible, and their juicy texture will convince every gourmet.
The quality of Legsad raspberries originates in the attention to every detail, from the selection of the best varieties to the selection of the healthiest specimens that finally reach your table.

Raspberry season in Legsad

June - November

Raspberry season in Legsad

June - November

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Legsad is the largest raspberry producer in Poland

We grow raspberry in tunnels with a total area of 40 hectares

in 2018
in 2019
in 2020
in 2021 (forecast)

Our raspberries have excellent taste, long shelf life, and beautiful appearance. As specialists in raspberry cultivation, we grow only top varieties from Dutch nurseries. Among them, you can find both early (summer) varieties and late (autumn) varieties.

How is raspberry handled?

Our raspberries need only 6 steps to reach our customers



The ripe fruit is picked to punnets by qualified personnel

Shock cold storage


The fruit is cooled down to 2 Celsius degrees within 30 minutes from picking

Cold storage


After cooling, our raspberries are moved to an adjacent cold storage where they wait no longer than a few hours



Depending on the needs, the punnets are labeled or placed directly in cardboard boxes – all in cold storage conditions



Finally, our fruit is loaded onto refrigerated trucks which deliver them to customers



Thanks to proper organization and logistics, our customers receive fresh berries the night after picking or the day after

Ikona maliny

sweet & beautiful

Legsad raspberries

  • excellent shelf life
  • proper firmness, taste and bright color
  • new generation varieties

European red raspberry

Rubus idaeus

Raspberry, a woody stemmed perennial, belongs to the genus Rubus originally called after blackberry in Latin. Each raspberry fruit consists of ca 100 drupelets with seeds inside.

Raspberry varieties grown in Legsad have been carefully selected from the new generations. We analyze them in a robust variety testing program.

symbiosis with nature

Raspberry is a honey plant whose flowers are favored by bees.

Our main objective is the top quality of our fruit

That's why our fruit remain fresh so long and have supreme taste

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