we support local initiatives


Legsad supports its region

Our main farms are located in Krotoszyce municipality

Gmina Krotoszyce

Mutual support is indispensable in smaller communities. This is why the community of Krotoszyce municipality can count on our support: we have helped organize municipal harvest festival, in 2019 we supported First Cistercian Run.

We are ready to help in emergency situations as well.

Błękitni Legsad Kościelec

municipal football team

Since June 2018 we have been the main sponsor of a local football team from Kościelec where we are also located. After signing the contract the sports club is named KS Błękitni Legsad Kościelec, The Blues in short.

Zdjęcie z meczu Błękitnych Legsad Kościelec

Support for setting up beehives

we care for our little friends

Bees are extremely useful. Their main role in the environment is the pollination of plants, thanks to which nature can thrive. Through fostering the culture of caring for bees, Legsad intends to make a lasting and beneficial impact on the environment.

Without bees and their hard work, not only crop, but also people would disappear. We have to care for them everywhere they are. Legsad subsidizes setting up beehives in adjacent areas. We also have our own beehives at our farms.

Pszczoła na kwiecie maliny

Legsad community

our team and partners

legsad is a family company

We value family values such as trust, openness and honesty. Our team is diverse and harmonious, and the friendly atmosphere is conducive to strengthening relations between people.
We want to build a work environment where everyone has a chance to develop and can work in a nice atmosphere. This approach pays off. Seasonal workers come back to us every year and every summer there are more and more people that work with us on a regular basis.

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