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Ikona czereśni

Legsad cherries

ripe, juicy, delicious

Czereśnie deserowe premium w Legsadzie

Legsad is a producer of premium dessert cherries. The size of our fruit will leave you in awe. Their shiny dark red skin perfectly shows that they are full of vigor. Cherries grown in Legsad have a long shelf life and a wonderful taste.
Cherry might bring memories of summer. Legsad cherries are like a hot, sunny day – the essence of summer!

Cherry season in Legsad


Cherry season in Legsad


Premium dessert cherry

All our cherry plantations are covered

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Cherry from Legsad is a lovely specimen of health. Cherry trees are regularly inspected by professional agronomists, thanks to which we can give them exactly what they need. As a result, we can use biological control in favor of spraying.

Our fruit is filled seed to skin with beneficial microelements, as befits premium dessert cherries. They contain a lot of vitamin C, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin B6, as well as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

We produce fruit of the largest caliber

Legsad cherry size
Ikona czereśni

cherries from Legsad

Legsad cherries

  • extra large, juicy fruit
  • sweet taste
  • reliable varieties


Prunus avium

Cherry trees bear sweet dark red fruit. They bloom in April with white, sweetly smelling flowers.

Our premium class dessert cherries are distinguished by marvelous taste and an impeccable appearance.

We produce cherries only under protective covers. There are two varieties in our orchards: Kordia and Regina.

symbiosis with nature

Cherries attract bees not only with their pollen. Cherry flowers are full of nectar.

The highest quality is present in every sweet cherry

delicious taste and long-lasting freshness

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