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We develop together with our plants

Sustainable development is the cornerstone of our operations. By allowing it to guide us, we can produce fruit and reduce the impact on the ecosystem at the same time.

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1. We improve farming methods and ways to ensure safety

Legsad uses proven technologies and follows modern trends in the cultivation of soft fruit. As a leader in the industry, we use innovations available on the market and create raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and cherry production solutions.

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2. We search for what the consumers want

We are consumers ourselves and continually search for what is best for our customers. That is why in Legsad, we cultivate the most modern, tested fruit varieties that have excellent taste, appearance and shelf life.

The trust of consumers in our fruit is the driving force behind the comparative testing program of varieties and technological processes in Legsad. Thanks to it, we are sure that our consumers get healthy and vigorous fruit.

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3. we support nature

Thanks to the wire support, raspberries can branch better which makes it easier for our pickers to see and pick the ripe fruit. For consumers, this means that the harvested fruit is of better quality and is touched only once, during harvest.

Our raspberries and cherries are grown in tunnels and under covers, respectively. The covers protect against pests and pollution, while the tunnels in which raspberries grow not only provide protection, but also create a special microclimate in which plant growth is naturally stimulated.

The selection of seedlings that go to Legsad also plays a huge role. We only plant the best plants that guarantee abundant yields and excellent quality.

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Sustainable development

our focus here in legsad

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