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How does Legsad care for the environment?

nature teaches us how to protect it

Zielona ikona naturalnego krajobrazu

our home

In Legsad, we understand that the natural environment is our home and it has to be cared for. Every season we improve methods of protecting the environment and implement new ones.

In recent years, we have reduced the use of chemical substances by 50% in favor of biological control and started beekeeping programs.

Zielona roślina między dłońmi

plant protection

Biological protection is our priority. This primarily means using natural enemies for many pests, e.g. predatory mites against aphids. It also includes procedures such as plucking leaves at the ground.

By limiting the use of chemicals in favor of biological protection, we have greater control over what we leave in the environment.

Zielony liść na dłoni

sustainable development

Improving the efficiency of our plantations allows us to produce more fruit while maintaining the same farm size.

We therefore have a lower environmental footprint: we need less water, land and nutrients to provide people with the same amount of fruit.

Zielona ikona liści

bees and bumblebees

Without bees and bumblebees, there would be no fruit. These extremely useful insects pollinate raspberry flowers, allowing each flower to develop into a ripe fruit.

We support setting up hives in adjacent areas and keep our own beehives.

Environment and Legsad

times bees and bumblebees pollinated our raspberries last year​
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indispensable in nature, indispensable in Legsad

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